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Powder Coating Spray Paint

Providing beautiful tough protection from the elements

Powder coating is an advanced finishing process that creates a tougher finish than conventional paint. It is extensively used in industrial finishing for a wide range of parts, materials and products where a decorative and protection are required to protect the product from heat, cold, grime, scratching, corrosion or bleaching.

Hard Wearing

Powder coating is more hard wearing than some paints and is a quicker application than wet paint.
We can provide single-Coating powder coat to primer and top coat to provide protection from many elements of the environment. We can apply Polyester powder, Epoxy-poly and Plascoat.

Full Range of Colours

We select from the latest powders to provide the finish that matches our customer’s requirements for the finished product. We provide different formulations to provide a range of protective options. We also provide a full range of colours and finishes enabling us to match exactly to our customers colour standards.

At D&M Powder Coating Barnsley we provide high quality powder coating finishing that meet our customers’ quality, delivery and turnaround requirements every single time.

Benefits of Powder Coating Process

Powder coating metal surfaces makes them more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and general wear and tear than other finishes, meaning it is extremely durable. Powder coating systems are also very cost efficient and environmentally friendly as virtually no pollutants are released into the air. Powder coating offers durability and good corrosion resistance with exceptional levels of appearance and finish.